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Beautiful illusioms.

Watchin the sun come up,
fresh feeling in my soul.
The rocks, plants, rain, and people,
filling up my mind, it all connects.
The world is why I fill my bowl.

It’s me, the kid with a big fucking heart,
Not stopping for you or he or she.
Just me with a cold dark stare,
smile that lights the room so bare.

Stay away from aquisitiveness.
Unless it’s positioning to bliss.
Kiss me sweet morning dew.

The sky lights nicely.
It all moves so slow.
I’m feeling you baby,
I want to get to know you.
the real you.

I need some change like Siddhartha.
The river is where I have to go.
Peel back the truth behind things, woah.

I will never be content with blind folds.
Success and eternal bliss.
Lord knows I’m on my way.
I’m never gonna miss.

It all moves so slow.
But I’m feeling you baby,
I want to get to know you.
The real you.

Through my eye it appears to me.
This sudden light.
With an insatiable might.

Something wrong here.
People in love with their selves.
Get a change in persona.
And I’ll show you how to lose fear.

So content with their paths.
Money money money.
Fame fame fame.
Close your soul to it all.
Look in the mirror and blame.

Just want to do what I love.
Close my eyes at night and vibe.
Taking lessons from people above.
From our past, they know about love.

Everyday trying to catch my mind.
When it falls so low.
Oh have you ever been lost?
Oh I have felt so behind.

Everyday is a battle.
The words from false believers,
in their pretenses.
Learn some truth.
And clear all your senses.

Because whether you believe it or not,
This life is just a beautiful illusion.
I am you and you are me.
This is what the ancients with their wisdom wanted us to see.

Never say goodbye you live forever.

Never say goodbye you live forever.

As a baby, the lights bringing tears.
Brought into the world.
First breaths choking in the smiles.
In those moments in mothers eyes.
You live forever.

Taking steps at 12 months.
Such a great achievement.
Many more still to come.
Watching you grow.
Parents proud of your future.

At age 10, you loved reading books.
Inspired by the words.
You live forever.
Never accepting second best.
Fathers values kept you inspired.

Always work hard and help each other.
You will never oh never say goodbye.
Love forever.

As you grew to be a teen.
The bombs fell everyday.
Middle east tragedy.
Filling you with rage.
A lot of friends died so young.

The world was never at peace.
And so it seemed.
Classes set you free.
Good grades got you a scholarship.
To go to school in America.

Something started to click.
As you read the news from back home.
Studying politics and what it all meant.
You will never say goodbye.

Civil rights being destroyed.
So much lost hope.
Yet you kept your chin up.
But you couldnt accept the fate.

No never oh never say goodbye.
You live forever.

Letters from a relative.
Your home was destroyed.
Mother, father, and brother in flames.
Just so hurt and hopeless.
In a world that didn’t want you.

At graduation, with no one watching.
No family no love left.
No job for a while.
Losing faith, and values and love.
In a quick decision you took your life.
A quick pull trigger concludes.

Never oh never say goodbye.
You live forever.

Not fucking around as a testament

I’m gonna tell you something about tragedy in the form of death.
Who will be there for you if you give up on yourself?
Who will sympathise if they do not understand?
Never have any of those pretty girls and boys in their pretty cars ever felt what its like.
For they do not care about you and I.
Only the next scheme to double their investments.
This is my life I got to make a testament.
I got a lot of big dreams but the dance seems it don’t need another.
Who will hear the tears as your soul dies on a carpet.
No one.
That’s why I’m not fucking around.
I’m done caring anymore because it only keeps me bound.
By fear of judgement.
My happiness already spent.
I will never be the same man.
No I will never be the same man.
I’m not fucking around anymore baby.
Taking all of this emptiness and filling it with fire.
Because I’m not fucking around.
I want a pretty girl and a nice house.
But I think there is so much more baby.
And I ain’t gonna quit till my names written on stone.
Cuz I will never be the same man.
Filling up these hearts with fire.
Because I’m not fucking around.

Roman love.

As the daylight closes. The city comes alive. Girl dressed in red. She’s trapped at home in bed. Taking all the gold. From men and women alike. Roman soldiers on leave. She’s just trying to believe. Sips of wine and chews of opium. Just working for herself. She don’t know where she’s going. But it doesnt stop the hoping. I arrived in the capital city. I’m a merchant’s son. We just made a lot of gold in India. Back to see our familia. I walk the streets, so busy. Never wanted a love. But I found it on a balcony. A girl in red staring at me. I think she wanted more than sex. She saw an adventure in me. She saw a young man successful. Something I could fulfill. She was so fine. Brown hair and fit. A working class girl but something more. Her curves and breasts. Probably a teen. Blue eyes sparkling like the Aegean. I went in and asked for a room. With the girl in red. Escorted up the stairs. There she was, intimate stares. Taking my hand she brought me in. Deep conversations all night. I didn’t want blank sex. She started grabbing me next. And it was done. The anticipation becoming passion. Drinking some red, tasting her. It was such a blur. Because that was just the first. Of many more nights we would have. On my ship she came. Two lovers intertwined as the same. Just living in the present forever.

If slaves could write.

Chains shining on the grass. Keeping my head straight. Sun makes it feel 108. The white men are drinling water. On their horses are the callers. Telling which batch is mine. For my hands to do their time. It’s such a delicate job. Getting the seeds out. But we have to do it and no pout. We are warriors. We can be the story, us. I dream of something profound. Late at night when I sleep. The stars I could leap. The cycle will balance. I can hear it in the sounds of the music. It bounces our souls. Turning pain into beauty. Rhythm sounds my path. Into the roles we will hath. If only slaves could write.

Joining the ranks.

When i was young I had high hopes.
Now my life’s all dry and stale.
The fool whispers to me sweetly.
Saying take this rope.

It just isn’t easy climbing back.
Without any leverage.
And the sun is making me sweat.
The grip is so wet.

And I’m just so tired baby.
The spotlight is right on me.
I can’t take the eyes baby.
I can’t stand the cycle.

The angels ask me to join their rank.
So I accept the oath.
Some think me blank.
But I can see my future.

Come around and give me guidance.
The maps are faded.
And the prologue is almost done.
I can feel a certain spark in my bones.

Just come around baby come around.
I see you there, but I want you here.
You can make it if you want.

Just come around. You can dream it if you want.

You can become it if you want.

Testing phone

Testing spaces om phone.
Testing spaces on phone.

Testing testing testing.
Testing testing testing.
Testing testing resting

Testing resting testing testing testing

Starting to get it.

Out in the darkness, fading to zero. You took me by the hand. All my desparations, blinding me low. Captured in this moment. Maybe I’m dead, maybe we’re dead. With some bad news, I already knew. Who’s gonna help me breathe now? Trying to keep my head. They say you can use it. Believing in your fears. Keeps your soul where no one hears. So damn tired of the world. I can hear the sounds. They seem so pleasant. The feeling I get. So profound. My mind is already gone. I don’t need your projections. Of your own insecurities. I laugh at them conveniently. So I wait until I learn. From all this pain. You say I could use it as a weapon. Although o didn’t get your lesson. I think I’m starting to get it.

I just know why I hurt.

I’m just bound to fall. I know it baby. Weight on my back, so much pain. The beat keeps my heart pumping. Nothing keeps me so high. Cuz I know… Mr. Insecure, I see you in my eyes. The touch of cold so infectious. But I don’t really care. Cuz I know where I’m going. I just know, I just know. Baby ill meet you there too. My love will carry you there. Follow the melody in my voice. Make your choice. The multitude of the dark. I couldn’t choose another. My story will be lost with the rest. Does anyone else see the game? It’s something we can’t win. But I just don’t know why. The sweat from my head keeps me cool. What’s gonna happen? When my soul departs. People go a lifetime. Without seeing the truth. It’s not fair. If I only didn’t have a big heart. I wouldn’t be here. Looking like this. Star fading. I know I’ve been here before. I just know, I just know. I can fight the push this time baby. I can make it if I try. So I’m just gonna be waiting. The cause came when I felt so low. How could anyone else ever know? Pushing me around. Stuck on the cross. Talk to your soul. It won’t change because you succeed. The hole grows. But I know ill make it this time. I just know. I just know.

Take my hand.

Hey… I’m gonna dance with the clouds tonight.
Just watch me fly tonight.
And take my hand.
Cuz baby you don’t know what I can do for you.
And all the other guys can’t stand.
The sight of you and I, just take my hand.
I’m gonna show you my world.
All the demons I keep inside.
That keep me down and at low tide.
Just confide with me girl.
I think you’re hotter than most other girls.
Give me all your body and look into my eyes.
I ain’t like other guys.
I can see your bright blonde hair.
Flowing in the sun.
Can’t wait to take you on.
Give me all that pink fun.
I can tell by your looks that you got something om your mind.
Just take my hand and let’s see what we can find.